Friday, November 6, 2015

Oracle Identity Manager Database Application Tables Connector with Entitlement

Step 1 - Installing and Configuring Database Application Tables Connector

Step 2 - Create lookup 


Step 3 - Setting Up Process Form Fields as Entitlements

Change the 'Field Type' from 'TextField' to 'LookupField'
Add properties for 'Group Name':
  - Entitlement = true
  - Lookup Code = Lookup.DBAT.Groups

Step 4 - Mark GROUP as [LOOKUP]

Step 5 - Harvest lookup by running Lookup Recon

Step 6 - Harvest Entitlements and Sync Catalog

 - Run Entitlement List
 - Run Catalog Sync

Verify Catalog shows all the Entitlements. 

Step 7 - Verify 

 - Account & Entitlement Initial Load by running Target Resource User Reconciliation
 - Provision User with Entitlement

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