Monday, September 14, 2015

Deploying the IAM Suite 11gR2PS2 with the Deployment Wizard ('Single Node on Multiple Hosts' Topology) - Minimum Memory Requirement

Tried to deploy the topology on guest VMs in my home PC with 12G ram. I have managed to run past the configure-secondary phase on all servers but failed at OIM post-configure phase because of not enough memory allocated to the OIM VM.

My current setting for all VMs on my home PC:
DB - 1G
NAS - 1G
OUD - 1G
OIM - 4G
OAM - 2G
WEB - 1G

I am planning to utilise my another NUC mini-pc with 8G ram to continue the lab.

The hardware/memory allocation would be:
DB (mini-pc) - 2G
NAS (mini-pc) - 1G
OUD (mini-pc) - 1G
WEB (mini-pc) - 1G
OIM (home-pc) - 6G
OAM (home-pc) - 4G

Will update the progress.

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